Aug. 18, 2020

Morneau – Sooner or later the swamp will get the good ones

As I have been saying for longer than I care to admit, the cabinet system and parliamentary system in this country are in shambles.

As Donald Savoie references in his book ‘Democracy In Canada – The Disintegration Of Our Institutions’:

“Parliament, and in more recent years, cabinet, have been pushed aside. A prime-ministerial centric government, working with carefully selected partisan political advisors and senior public servants, is at the centre of all important political decisions. Prime ministers and a handful of carefully selected courtiers have full access to the levers of political power.” 

And so those ensconced in the swamp always succeed, unencumbered by mere ministers and members of Parliament who are here today and gone tomorrow. Some difficult elected ones take a little more intrigue and unsavoury maneuvering to unseat than others, but gone they will be. 

And so it is with Morneau. The swamp always wins in today’s world. The money and the bureaucrat/advisor (sometimes even called expert; they know all, you know nothing) makes the perfect combination. 

Obviously, Morneau and some of his close advisors (interesting to see who quietly leaves the Department (of course, most won’t even notice, including most of the press) were getting worried about the quick buildup of debt. But the PM and his leftist-leaning advisors want even more programs and more money. Some of us warned about this when the princeling was elected PM. And that was even before the Wuhan virus gave the golden excuse to spend more and more. 

Of course, it is the Princeling who broke the law five times already, Morneau comes a distant second. The latest misdemeanours are still being investigated so can’t count them yet.  

But as the Virus provided the spending opportunity, the WE fiasco is providing some cover for the Morneau resignation neatly disguising the policy and spending differences. 

And even though it was the PM and his minions who directed the obstruction of justice, had people refuse to be interviewed by the Conflict of Interest Commissioner and shut down the parliamentary Committee, it is others who take the fall. Bill Morneau is the latest.