Aug. 25, 2020

Red tape leaves Canada to play catch up to the world

We, in Canada, are always playing catch up 

Not my words but the words of an expert at the University of Toronto. 

It’s about saliva testing for the Wuhan Virus in Canada. 

This expert was being interviewed on the federal government’s own TV News site — CBC News Network. And that is what he said.  

The U.S., the neighbour that most Canadians I encounter abhor, have five saliva tests approved and the testing is well under way .  

But here in Canada, no saliva tests approved. And this expert says the reason is bureaucracy, red tape. He said just a few moments ago he spends 75 per cent of his time dealing with red tape.

Welcome to real Canada!

Just looking at the Wuhan Virus testing rate of Canada vis a vis the USA from Worldometer.

The US testing rate as of today is 233,000 tests per 1 million residents. 

The Canada testing rate is 137,000 tests per 1 million residents.

And that gap has been growing over the past months, not narrowing. 

And this is pretty consistent with the economy generally. The World Bank study called Ease of Doing In Business shows that Canada is 122 in approving electrical permits in the world . That is 121 countries do better than Canada on this. And 64 on issuing construction permits. On both we are behind the U.S.A. 

Now sadly, we are behind our neighbour again. This time on critical Wuhan Virus testing.