Sep. 10, 2020

We need more relevant information about Corona virus

I don’t know about you, but I think we need more relevant information on the Corona virus. This constant barrage on the number of cases is getting a little much without some context.

We need to know, for example, how many of the new cases, that is positive tests, resulted in hospitalization. Without such data just what is it we know, and how serious? People could be being overly concerned based simply on positive tests, especially if these tests do not result in a high per cent age of these positive tests resulting in hospitalization.Let me give you what I mean. 

If one goes to the Provincial Government ‘s Covid Information through the B.C. Center of Disease Control and other health information sites one finds: The Province has 206 hospitals, 5,610 hospital beds. 

How many currently in hospital because of Covid or suspected of Covid? Thirty seven – 37! Just 37 in a population of almost 5 million. 

The total number that have been in hospital because of Covid since the beginning, several months ago? Six hundred and thirty one – 631! So, 631 over 5,610 beds over several months.

And how many is this of the total number of cases? Just ten per cent  – 10%! Six hundred and thirty one of total of 6,691.

And what about fatality situation? Two hundred and thirteen. And are we sure these fatalities were with Covid or due to Covid?

On Vancouver Island right now? None in hospital. Eight hundred thousand people! Recovery rate? Ninety four per cent – 94%!

This is the information that should be used to give context every day. We don’t need fear, we need context and hence full information.

And the Government and media should be doing a better job in this area especially given how often the subject is mentioned every day by both these parties.