Sep. 11, 2020

Liberals break the law – one standard for Liberal leaders, another for regular folks

It is an endless parade of law breaking. If it is isn’t Trudeau breaking the law five times through proven ethics violations it is now former Minister Morneau. This fellow was already caught in ethics violations a few years ago when he did not disclose his real estate holdings in France. Now here he is again found breaching the election laws’ 

Here is a CBC news item on the matter 

"Bill Morneau violated a part of the Canada Elections Act last summer when he promoted prospective Liberal candidates during the lead-up to the federal election while acting in his capacity as minister, says the commissioner of Canada elections. 

The independent officer, who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the act, posted a copy of his findings online Thursday morning."

Of course, the fines for such violations are puny in that the former Minister has to pay a fine of $300 and his district association has to pay back $1600 in campaign expenses related to the the illegal acts.

Imagine if that was you or me breaking the law? Look what Governments are doing arresting people who are legitimately protesting the infringement on their freedom rights. In Alberta, individuals were arrested and charged $1200 for protesting infringement on their freedom rights. Thanks to the Justice Center For Constitutional Freedoms the fines had to be cancelled because the authorities could not prove their cases that the Individuals had broken any law. 

This is the state of our democracy —- lawbreaking by the highest political leaders in our land, just a slap on the wrist and a collective yawn ; meanwhile active and aggressive illegal arrests and fines by security personnel against ordinary citizens for exercising their constitutional rights and freedoms.