Sep. 22, 2020

Dishonesty prevails in tinkering with fixed elections

Most people think BC had a fixed election date and that the NDP Government is now violating it. That's what they wanted you to think – until election time, like right, now came around. 
You see there was no fixed date really. As you see below from the BC Constitution Act, which no one reads, it was was all a sham. The Lt. Governor could cause an election to be called any time. 
23( 1) – The Lieutenant Governor may, by proclamation in Her Majesty's name, prorogue or dissolve the Legislative Assembly when the Lieutenant Governor sees fit.
2) – Subject to subsection (1), a general voting day must occur on the third Saturday in October in the fourth calendar year following the general voting day for the most recently held general election. 
That means Premier Horgan recommends to the Lt Governor and the Lt. Governor accedes. 
But the NDP are just a little too smart by half. Why? Because their agreement with the Green Party stipulates the agreement is good until the scheduled election, meaning 2021. 
"2017 Confidence and Supply Agreement between the BC Green Caucus and the BC New Democrat Caucus. This agreement between the BC Green Caucus and the BC New Democrat Caucus is effective for four years, or until the next fixed date election as set by the BC Constitution Act."
Of course, the NDP will argue that fixed date was subject to the Lt. Governor – but that was not put into agreement. 
It is all sneaky stuff, that’s what it is. And a reason why so many people are cynical of politics. With the verbal gymnastics like that who would not be? 
Add to that the government’s verbal sleight of hand on the budget deficit calculating only part of their expenditure to be a part of it, like $320 million not the real $5 billion number, and you have a terrible stench all round. 
Using the aroma of Bonnie Henry to quell the stench and you have the unnecessary, crass manoeuvre of a BC provincial election for October 24.