Sep. 24, 2020

A poor excuse for a speech from the throne

In Britain and the British Commonwealth the Parliaments begin their session with the Speech From The Throne. This is where the Government outlines its plans for the country. In recent years this tradition has fallen out of favour as more and more is done by Prime Ministerial and Ministerial speeches in the Parliament and, of course, by the Budget Speech of the Minister of Finance. 

This year tradition has returned and the Government elevated the Speech again. This is due in large part to the Government Party, the Liberals, with support of the Socialists, whose support the Liberals need to control Parliament, saw fit to shut down Parliament while using emergency powers to drive the country into debt by over $300 billion and growing to allegedly demolish the curse of the Wuhan Virus. 

Well, the hype was just that, hype with little but a shopping list, the words and phrases we have all hear ad nauseam before.

Four great pillars were outlined 

To fight the Pandemic and save lives.
Well, just some minutes before the Governor General was to deliver this speech on behalf of the Government the CTV news network showed live coverage of an Ontario city where long lines of cars were waiting to get a Covid test. Some had been lined up since 2 a.m. , nine hours before. Some were told to go home even when one interviewed who exhibited Covid like symptoms. This state of affairs seven months after the pandemic arrived in the country! 

And then there was the defective medical equipment bought from China from whence the virus originated. The Minister of Health is still defending the Chinese in this pandemic Chaos and the country is still cozy with the incompetent, Chinese WHO. 

Supporting people and business
The gall of the Government to mention business. This administration has presided over the cancellation of two proposed pipelines and having to buy the third for billions of dollars of our money. A country where Alberta oil cannot be delivered to Quebec, New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. These Provinces having to depend on American and overseas oil. Passing laws that have seen billions of dollars of investment leave and go to more attractive countries. And where Canadians themselves are investing more outside their own country. 

And as far as supporting people, the Government has just thrown money around rather that the more difficult task, but more responsible one, of targeting those most vulnerable and incentivizing others back to work. 

Build back better to create a stronger, more resilient Canada 
How many years have such ideas been uttered? Yet, here we are falling in our competitive stature vis a vis the U.S. and many other nations. In 2019 Canada’s rating (World Economic Forum) was 14. The U..S was second. The World Bank did an ease-of-doing-business report last year. Canada was 122 in time it took for an electrical permit to be issued and 64 for construction permit. While we have a highly educated work force it seems all they have done is create more bureaucracy. Countries like Estonia are leaving us in the dust. Our innovation adaptation is low and our productivity similarly low. We preach about green ignoring the high eco cost of turbines and solar panels and the slave labour that produces the lithium and cobalt for batteries. 

Stand up for who we are
Who are we? We have two Canadians in jail in China and we dilly dally over it, all the while making excuses for China’s role in the Wuhan virus. 

And our Universities continue to have friendly tangible relationships with Chinese companies and institutions. We do not pay the promised amount in support of NATO and even denigrate the U.S. when they seek to see we pay our fair share. Meanwhile if a war broke out tomorrow who would we have to depend on? The US, just as we did a few monthso6 ago when we lost a helicopter in the Mediterranean and had to seek US help to find and recover. 

This was not a Speech from the throne. This was a moan from a rickety old bench.