Sep. 26, 2020

Why can’t we apply different solutions to different circumstances?

I don’t know if anyone looks behind the headlines any more but it is worth a look regarding the Wuhan virus statistics for BC. They are available from the BC Center for Disease Control. The Province has five health regions and lo and behold we find different circumstances as we look at the data in the regions.

As far as fatalities go, the Fraser Region has 105 and Vancouver Coastal has 115. But the regions Island, Interior and Northern have 5, 2, and 2 respectively.

Or take cases per 100,000 people. Coastal and Fraser are 249, 227 respectively. Interior, Island and Northern are 64, 23, 92 respectively.

How about total hospitalized so far? Fraser and Coastal 388 and 245 respectively. Interior, Island and Northern 36, 25, and 28 respectively. 

It would seem obvious,given the data, that there should at least be two sets of measures : one set for regions Fraser and Coastal and another set for Northern, Interior and Island. 

Or is this too much to ask of our $21.5 Billion system employing more than 210,000 people?