Oct. 6, 2020

Horgan and Weaver – British Columbia's two dishonest leftists

You know it is hard to swallow it all these days. The irresponsible spending of billions of dollars and the excessive spin put on it all. 

But the holier than thou, self-proclaimed masters of deceit must be this province’s two most prominent provincial politicians of the past few years: NDP John Horgan and former Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. 

Let’s take Weaver first. 

Remember his sweet talk about all that green. Yet, he approves a gigantic non-green hydro project that floods hundreds of acres of eco systems, uses tons of concrete, and tons of steel. The Government has the audacity to call it on its website a Clean Project. But Weaver’s hypocrisy goes further with his silence on coal mining and transportation of it  and natural gas development (fracking ) and its transportation. This guy was going to revolutionize this place. You could almost hear him saying: "Those disgusting people who can’t understand  green living."

But to put a large cherry on top of this edifice Weaver stabs his party in the back by coming out and supporting another political party in this present election. 

Then there’s John Horgan, the present premier. The great spinner. Nothing is too large or small to spin as he presides over $75 billion of borrowed money, generations to come will have to try to pay for.  His spending of public money to fight a constitutional case that any high school political science student could have told him was silly, demonstrates either ignorance or arrogance; I suspect a bit of both. Of course, he lost, the loss a shameful mark on the province’s reputation. 

But the cherry on this man’s edifice is the tragic fact that he too does not mind breaking his word. He signed an agreement with the Green Party in which among other things he committed to: “this agreement will continue until the next scheduled election.”

But power overtook honesty and he broke his word, calling a snap election a year before the agreement is due to expire.