Oct. 14, 2020

The B.C. leaders debate was sad and tragic

Did you ever see anything like this? I actually watched it a second time to be sure I was seeing and hearing what I saw and heard the first time.  

And sure enough there it was again. Can you believe a leaders debate in a Province of 5 million people, one of the largest Provinces of the Country , Canada , with more than a $5 billion deficit and a $9 billion financial obligation this past year and over $70 billion debt and there was no mention of budget/deficit or debt? 


The evening got started with the moderator indicating what were the subjects to be discussed: 

Pandemic Recovery, Cost of Living, Environment and Resources, Social Issues, Racism, Homelessness, Opioid Crisis.  

Not only was there no mention of budget, deficit or debt or finances – Sure the media (that is who made up the subject list) have imported the American racism racket and tried to foist it on the leaders here, automatically accusing them of white guilt and unconscious bias.  

Interestingly I note the Canadian Press story on the debate had no mention of the topic – and this ends mine. To even grace it with more comment would be too much. 

The leaders fell into the politically-correct jargon of perpetrating more myths about energy fabricating solar and wind as somehow green when it oozes of land degradation, using concrete and steel and plastics and glass. And very expensive. And the so-called clean but really not green Site C hydro project (we were supposed to be able to build these) is technically and financially in trouble.  

They preach green as they, the NDP and the Liberals, support natural gas exploration, fracking, production, refinement and exportation and the largest project in the Province’s history, a fossil fuel plant.  

Sure, even the Greens supported coal mining and its transportation to Delta Port in the last three years. Meanwhile the leader of the Green in the debate naively (stupidly?) called for closing out fossil fuels.  

The most common thing around it seems is hypocrisy.  

All three leaders spoke glowingly on social issues as they have for years yet homelessness and the opioid crisis has gotten worse, housing affordability remains a scourge, almost 20 per cent of the population is without a family physician, and there is no freedom on choosing your car insurance.  

And the election itself was called dishonestly.