Oct. 22, 2020

Why do Vancouver city staff want to demean our veterans?

Did one ever think that any professional would recommend to their superiors that there is a time when our Veterans should be treated with less respect?

I read an article in the National Post and Vancouver Sun newspapers where the city of Vancouver staff are recommending to the Council that a resolution be passed whereby the special parking privilege accorded the veterans on their real special day be removed. 

Many have known for years that as this political correctness moves along that it was only a matter of time when more and more practices which are part of our customs and traditions would find disfavour with those who have little or no memory about our past. Sadly, many can now go through school learning little about those customs and traditions or even about the wars that were fought for our freedom. 

Here is what it has come to quoting from the National Post: 

“Vancouver city staff have said that in the lead-up to Remembrance Day, veterans should not get free parking in the city, and parking privileges already given to them should be revoked because these perks “incentivize driving,” and are “in direct opposition to our climate-change and transportation policies.”

“Providing free parking to certain subsets of the population does not align with current transportation and equity objectives, has financial impacts, and is inconsistent with policies of other large urban centres,” says the report, dated Oct. 15."

Citing climate change this group demonstrates the highest form of HYPOCRISY imaginable.

Does this city have the largest port in Canada that consumes tons of fossils fuels? 

Does this city have a large international airport that consumes tons of fossil fuels?

Does there not exist just south of the city a large port that exports tons of coal?

Do not these “narrow minded people on their narrow minded streets” (Glen Campbell)  realize they travel on solid fossil fuels every day? 

Only when the city has these and many other of what they consider climate issues solved should they even dare approach maligning our veterans.

Protest at the Art Gallery? Now this would be a legitimate one.