Oct. 22, 2020

Biden cracks – America’s oil and gas industry to close by 2035

Did you hear/see the U.S. Presidential debate? This time, thankfully, it was disciplined. 
But a bombshel! The American oil and gas industry is in danger of being no more.
That’s what Joe Biden said in the debate. By 2035 Biden’s Green Plan will have kicked in, he says. Transition from now till 2035. The oil and gas industry would close then. Solar panels, wind turbines everywhere, hundreds of thousands of acres of land destroyed. And all more expensive electricity. What happens when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun does not shine? California brown outs and severe unemployment? Everywhere that countries bragged of more green jobs than what was lost – it did not happen. Check out Spain. Germany still needs lots of fossil fuel power today when its solar and wind is absent. 
Methinks lying Joe (said no fracking then said fracking, all on tape) got a problem – Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Ohio, are big oil and gas producers. The industry was worth $181 billion in 2018, with 9.8 million jobs. How about all the downstream industry, refineries, chemical plants etc.? What about all those natural gas plants that now replace oil driven turbines÷
The U.S. Energy Administration records that the present electrical generation in the US is renewables (hydro, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal) 17% , nuclear 20%, coal 23%, natural gas 38%. So in 15 years,according to Biden, 61% of America’s power generation will change to solar and wind?
This is fantasy land and if followed through will give to Russia and Iran greater influence over critical energy supplies and diminish U.S. influence in the world and with a diminished standard of living. 
What is most troublesome is that it is really looking to be true what Biden’s critics have been saying: that the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party has moved Biden to some ridiculous positions that are injurious to his nation.