Oct. 25, 2020

Now the chickens will come home to roost

In seat-rich Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island the NDP mopped up and that was it. Even the strongly Liberal Parksville Qualicum Seat fell to the orange. 

Sadly, it was on the back of dishonesty. That will always taint this election. The NDP  broke a written agreement with the Green Party but did not get punished for it. Let’s hope, that is all we can do now, is that this dishonesty which has now given birth to a majority government is not a sign of things to come.

Premier Horgan will have to prove his honesty very soon. The status of the Site C Project is in limbo with Horgan and his government refusing to release any details on the present review of this project prior to Election Day. It is known the project has serious technical problems and hence budget issues as a result of a report from BC Hydro to the BC Utilities Commission in July. The project was hidden from view during the election. The public will now have to grapple with what is likely a very messy problem and more dollars that is the now $10 Billion problem. 

The other major issue is the budget and the deteriorating position of revenue versus the new government’s many promises resulting in many more expenditures. The present deficit position is likely to continue contributing to an even larger unreasonable debt for future generations.

The Liberal Party will have to do a major rethink, new people, and presenting their ideas in a manner that will gain electoral traction. I suspect the NDP will help in this regard since it will be very difficult for the promises made to be promises kept. The money will not be there. 

And now with a majority will that Green Economy that the NDP have been promising for years become a reality?