Oct. 28, 2020

Lowest voter turnout, barely a majority, why?

I could have sworn that close to 90 per cent were all tied up in this recent election if one listened to the media. You know all this mail-in voting, the pandemic – on and on and on. 

And what do we get? the lowest turnout since records began in 1928! Fifty-two per cent – yes 52 per cent. 

The media should be asking themselves. How come our calls for all to vote did not work? 

Obviously, people were not excited with what was on offer. Remember the old saying –wisdom in the crowd? Perhaps many sense that all this money out from government is transitory and is really more and more money out of their pockets. Very soon retrenchment and more taxes. 

And there is this thing about no debate on the pandemic measures, just the arbitrary restricting of our freedoms. Surely our provincial parliament should be debating the limits of restricting people’s freedom. Should there be more targeting, more information flow not just the positive cases but the nature of these cases? Are those positive cases sicker that earlier cases or less so?  Must measures on the pandemic be one size fits all in large Provinces like BC.?

More data and debate is needed. Isn’t that what a democracy is all about instead of edicts from on high from unelected people? 

The people just might have the government’s number with the lack of democracy and free spending of our money. Hence, a silent disgusted public and that’s why the record low turnout. 

Of course, the media would never entertain that.