Nov. 16, 2020

Governments and media to blame for information breakdown

How long will Canadians put up with this lack of information?
I scan the news for information on the Wuhan Virus issue only to find the most selective of information. Everyone has positive case syndrome. It seems selecting just some information is deliberate which feeds irrational fearful reactions. 
I just scanned CTV on the issue. Their latest article on the nation is almost all just cases —a couple of fatality numbers thrown in for good measure . But no context. Of new cases how many are sick at home, how many in hospital? Is the sickness now less severe than earlier in the year ? BC’s Data Information Portal, while better than most, still does not get into comparison, severity, all the things necessary for people to get a full picture. 
I read in the Times Colonist about cases in four Nanaimo schools. No mention of whether these students are sick — one would think this would be of some relevance. Are any in hospital? What is the severity of the sickness? How does this compare with earlier cases etc ?
I read Canada’s Public Health Officer Dr. Tam’s Nov. 12 statement. The lack of information is alarming. In giving deaths, no context, reference points, comparisons. In giving severe cases she gives recent one week numbers but no comparison with earlier one week numbers. She just says there were increases, no evidence. 
Surely this is unacceptable. We are supposed to have highly educated, trained professionals. You would never say it with the scarcity of information and lack of a full picture. With the thousands tracking this pandemic daily, paid for by you and me, a full and comprehensive reporting system to the public should be easy to prepare and deliver at least weekly. 
I read of few in the media complaining. They just spout the government line. Can you blame me if I reference that most of the main media in the country have been getting money from the Government in the last couple of years? 
Canada deserves better.