Nov. 23, 2020

Biden's new team – back to the future

Oh, My God. The past in the present. That was the title of my first book about a small Province on the east coast of Canada. 

Now I can use it on what’s happening in the U.S.A. 

President Donald Trump has said given okay for the General Services Administration to facilitate the transition with the Biden people and Biden is nominating his foreign policy team. 

There’s Anthony Blinken, who worked for Biden in the past, nominated to be Secretary of State and Jake Sullivan who worked with Hillary Clinton to be National Security Adviser. This is the swamp in spades. Back for an encore. 

And they are the past – the red line people of Syria, you know those people with Obama who allowed Assad to kill thousands of his own people, remember their famous red line that went yellow. And they misunderstood ISIS. 

Then the $150 billion give a way to Iran, the world’s top sponsor of terrorism and they promoted the failed Iran deal. Oh! And then these people allowed China to “walk all over the west”. And they failed miserably to advance the Middle East talks. 

So what do we have to look forward to? A re-engagement with Iran? Going soft on Syria? Allowing the Chinese to out-maneuver almost everywhere? 

Surely not to undo the historic advances in the Middle East with the Israelis and the Arbs doing deals? 

There is a reason Pompeo was in Saudi Arabia this past weekend with the Arabs and the Israelis. They were trying to get more deals done before the Biden losers take power. 

Roberts Gates, Secretary of Defence and CIA Boss, who worked for the Democrats and Republicans said Joe Biden never got anything right on foreign affairs in 40 years. And he is continuing in that tradition.