Nov. 24, 2020

Court Action contends Covid actions are unconstitutional

There exists a Centre For Constitutional Rights in Canada. It is stationed in Toronto, and was founded in 2004. It’s Founder and Executive Director is Rocco Galati and he has through the years, through this centre, engaged in multiple court actions to safeguard the right and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. 

He is engaged in a very important lawsuit contending that the Governments of Canada, Ontario, and Toronto have violated the Constitution of our country. It was filed on July 6, in the Superior Court Of Ontario. 

Let me give you a taste – it is a 191-page claim.

The Claim opens seeking “A declaration that the ‘Coved Measures’ undertaken and orchestrated by Prime Minister Trudeau (Trudeau) and the Federal Crown, constitute a constitutional violation of “dispensing with Parliament under the pretence of Royal Prerogative, contrary to the English Bill of Rights (1689) as read into our unwritten constitutional rights through the preamble of the Constitution Act 1867, emanating from the unwritten constitutional principles of Rule of Law, Constitutionalism, and Democracy, as enunciated by the Supreme Court of Canada in inter Alia, Quebec Session Case”.

Further similar declarations are sought regarding The Provincial and Municipal Governments.

And then specifically the case highlights the measures that Governments have taken on social distancing, masks, self isolation and the closing of businesses and explains that such measures are not scientifically, nor medically based, nor proven to be effective whatsoever;
Pose physical and psychological harm;
Are extreme, unwarranted and unjustified.

The claim goes on to contend that these measures violate various sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Including Sections 2, 7, 8 and 9. 

I have argued in this column that the Constitution has been ignored in this pandemic with Governments feeling that health overrides the basic individual rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution even though the health arguments have not be made and Parliaments and the people have been largely ignored.

I do not think that the Pandemic affords Governments such over-riding power without appropriate valid information, and Parliamentary involvement and that even then there

would be limits on the power that Government has in order to comply with the Constitutional requirements of the Charter that protect the rights and freedoms of the people. 

Anyone interested in this perspective on the issue should go to the Centre For Constitutional Rights and click on cases and there you will find the full 191 pages of the claim. 

Rebel News interviewed Mr. Galati in the last days and he had hoped to get an initial hearing before the Superior Court of Ontario before Christmas.