Nov. 27, 2020

Canada just can’t produce, can’t act

It takes a pandemic, sickness and death to focus the Canadian Mind. 

Canada right now cannot produce a Coronavirus vaccine. We are somewhere in the global lineup for this vaccine. 

I just heard the president of Innovation Medicines Canada say we have not got the environment needed to attract the investment to get the pharmaceutical industry to our country to actually produce vaccines. 


And how come we are just now ramping up the distribution? Those ‘ugly’ Americans under Trump have been at this for months. While we spend all our time attacking Trump, uttering all kinds progressive phrases, smugly denigrating our neighbours, they act – we talk. 

So even this morning the premiers of this country are confused and disappointed that they do not know the plan for national distribution. Ontario only this past week appointed someone to oversee their provincial distribution. The Federal Government is only doing that today. Nov. 27. 

The federal government and many of the provinces have been spinning a good line. For too long a time the people have been too willing to swallow whatever our governments say. 

Even as I write this, the PM is answering questions on this with generalities – this is the man who has broken our laws, obstructed justice and yet he expects Canadians to trust his word. He touts all the contracts he has with companies for the vaccines. 

The real test is when and how theses vaccines will be delivered. Saying we will be there for you rings rather hollow as we see other countries having access to vaccines before we do and that we do not have the capability to produce these in our own country.