Nov. 30, 2020

Millions wasted on useless masks from China, what a sham

Millions was wasted on useless masks from China and expensive executive furniture – And even worse is the government’s response 

So say a number of whistleblowers who have passed the information along to CBC. 

How disgusting is this? Let me quote the CBC article:

“The whistleblowers accuse B.C.'s central health authority of squandering $7 million on the purchase of unusable face masks from China; hundreds of thousands of dollars on unnecessary renovations to its executive offices; and tens of thousands of dollars on high-end catered meals for executives and their staff.’”

“Insiders say the costs were racked up despite Ministry of Health orders to end discretionary spending and direct every dollar to front-line workers fighting the pandemic.

“I was shocked and felt it was simply unconscionable," said one source.

CBC News has agreed to protect the informants' identities because they fear professional repercussions.

“As a taxpayer, it makes me sick. It's wasteful," said a second insider.

Health Minister Adrian Dix moved quickly after being shown their concerns.

“I appreciate these allegations being raised to me," Dix said in a statement to CBC News. "I have directed the deputy minister of health to assess PHSA's decisions and conduct, and provide advice and recommendations to me." 

Can you believe the response? Moved quickly?  What a joke! 

A Deputy Minister? An insider who will protect his own? That’s conflict of interest! No written report, no commitment to release to the public the advice and recommendations. 

Only an outsider unconnected to the Heath authorities or to Government can provide objective analysis.

China, the home of the virus, allows it to spread (but not in their own country) and then we buy useless masks from them to allegedly fight their virus? 

This is a sham!