New innovation cleans pathogens from electronic devices

We’re washing our hands dozens of times a day, we wear masks and physical distance to make sure we’re avoiding Coronavirus germs. All that, and guess what? We put our cell phones to our mouth dozens of times a day.

All of our electronic gadgets, tablets, keyboards, notebooks and even car keys are major germ carriers. Wingren Nufloors on Northfield Road has taken employee health and safety to a new level by bringing in an Aluvis UV machine that kills 99.9% of all pathogens (germs, viruses and bacteria) in just 20 seconds.

Wingren Nufloors is the first company in B.C. to implement this employee and customer safety measure by fully sanitizing all electronic devices for their staff and customers. They will clean your devices if you drop by. Check out the whole story here.

Mobile devices that we handle everyday and transport from place to place are often loaded with pathogens and are rarely cleaned.  

 We wash and sanitize our hands - then pick up our handheld devices and immediately re-infect ourselves.

 Think about that when you next hold your cell up to your face! 

ALUVIS is C.S.A. (Canadian Standards Association) and UL approved Sanitation System now approved for sale in Canada and is a Class 1 medical device and is the size of a small photocopy machine, so it’s portable.

 How convenient is that?

 Developed by board certified Surgeons in the US, the revolutionary Aluvis uses a spectrum of UV-C light at a specific distance and time on your devices that kills 99.9% of microbial contamination caused by pathogens without toxic chemicals that can damage your device and health!

This very necessary machine is available on Vancouver Island for lease, at about $9.25 per day - a small price to pay to ensure sanitation on known carriers of pathogens – especially now in the time of a global pandemic.

 Introduction to Government organizations, Hospitals, Care Homes, and Food Retailers has already begun.

 If you'd like your devices sanitized FOR FREE during February and March, stop by 1612 Northfield Rd between 10am-5pm Monday to Saturday.

For more info and/or a no-obligation demonstration: (236) 238-2080 or