New process cleans devices in age of Coronavirus


Our day-to-day world has been completely turned upside down in just a few months by the Coronavirus pandemic – masks, hand washing, sanitizing, physical distancing, and isolating. That makes us all safer, but there is more we can do.

Cleanliness and sanitary concerns are in the forefront of trying to get the pandemic under control. 

Consider the one device you use every day and take everywhere: your cell phone/tablet.

Your cell phone is one of the biggest germ spreaders. Cell phones are a way of life and we put them to our mouths again and again, without sanitizing between uses. Industry reports say the average cell phone is used 47 times a day. Your phone can be a walking petri dish for Pathogens: viruses, germs and bacteria – the spread of human disease.

There is a solution: Aluvis UVC Clean Technology, a hospital grade CSA approved sanitation machine that kills 99.9% of pathogens.  Aluvis arrived in Western Canada Nov 1, and I had the opportunity to see it & sanitize my tech devices, with Farah Halkett, the Aluvis distributor in B.C. and Alberta.

Aluvis has been introduced to some senior care facilities who had no idea about cell phone contamination. They are in virtual lockdown, they sanitize people’s shoes and hands before entering, but they were surprised when told about cell phones potentially transmitting pathogens. Employees/staff bring their tech devices to work, without sanitizing them, and enter the facility. It’s the same story with Government offices, schools, hospitals, doctors’ offices, banks, eye glass stores, even car dealerships, with customers handing over their keys and vice versa.

The Aluvis sanitizing system uses UV-C ultra-violet light with a patented conveyor system to provide a fast and continuous process, in just 20 seconds. It utilizes a specific spectrum of UV-C light, with practical ways to sanitize devices in high-traffic, high-risk and common-use areas. It is a major step above toward safely sanitizing hand-held devices. The ideal location for the Aluvis system is near hand-sanitizing dispenses, allowing employees/customers to sanitize their hands while their device is moving through the system.

Cell phone use in hospitals has grown exponentially, and studies show that 85 per cent of health care workers’ mobile devices are contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The traditional method for sanitizing handheld devices is alcohol wipes which fail to clean the recessed areas of your phone - or protective case, and can even damage the devices. The Aluvis system is safe, easy and effective in killing 99.9% of microbiological contamination on handheld devices.

Most people don’t realize how often they touch items like pens, computer keyboards, car keys and countless other items that are loaded with pathogens, viruses and germs. Pathogens can live up to 27 days and some surfaces.

“Schools, office lobbies, doctors’ offices and retailers are unaware of the dangers,” Farah adds. 

“Everyone is more conscious now; cleanliness has become a way of life. That won’t end when this virus ends. We still take too much for granted. People who travel – ferries, buses, airlines – all transport germs,” says Farah.

“Seniors homes are particularly vulnerable with the number of times staff come into direct contact with residents, from one room to the other and other areas of their facility. Masks are not enough when it comes to such direct contact,” she adds.

Pathogens affect virtually anyone in our daily contacts – Realtors go from house to house and person to person, constantly using their electronic devices. In schools both teachers and students come in regular contact, day in and day out.

UV-C Tech Systems Inc. has a lease program from $9.25 per day, designed to make the machines affordable and accessible to all sectors which are impacted by pathogens and germs. Contact to set up an appointment for a demonstration.You can find UVC Tech Systems at 1-236-238-2080 or Also, check out the website – there is a 90-second video that pretty much explains it.