Jun. 1, 2020

Greed of politics knows no bounds

Four federal parties applied for emergency wage subsidy 

 Sometimes what is not reported is vital. In this case, the media forgot that the political parties crying poverty are about to get a major public windfall.
     In the 2019 election, the five main parties spent $121,310,389 on eligible election expenses.

The parties are entitled to a reimbursement of 50% of eligible expenses from the treasury:

Bloc Québécois $1,334,312
Conservative  $20,935,787
Green Party  $1,954,012
Liberal Party  $21,559,484
NDP $14,870,600
TOTAL $60,655,195

     It usually takes about 6 - 8 months for Election Canada to do the auditing and issue payments. Political parties know the funds are coming and should have no need for employer subsidies. They are playing us for fools.
     On top of the above, candidates polling 10% of the vote or higher in the election get 60% of their expenses reimbursed. Figures for the 2019 election are not yet available.
In 2015, 979 candidates were reimbursed $42,573,710

Political Affiliation Number of Candidates Reimbursement 
Bloc Québécois 65 $1,406,006
Conservative 308 $16,778,265
Green Party 9 $773,165
Liberal 337 $14,146,482
NDP 260 $9,469,792
TOTAL 979 $42,573,710

     Political parties are waiting for over $100 million in public subsidies to be delivered later this year and are crying poor. The galling part is that these shameless hucksters believe themselves to be much smarter than those of us who foot the bills. That is far beyond disgusting.