Jun. 15, 2020

Black lives protests shrouded in ignorance

I have watched the Black Lives Matter “protests” in major Canadian cities with astonishment.

The concept is thoughtlessly mimicked from U.S. racial strife with an anarchist background. Those in the vanguard of Canadian protests have no knowledge of history or Canada’s role in freeing slaves.

No one asks: “Who claims that black lives don’t matter?” There is no answer as the slogan is not based on fact or reason.

Slavery was abolished in Upper Canada (now Ontario) in 1793, 227 years ago. In 1834, slavery was abolished in the entire British Empire (including the Canadian colonies) 186 years ago and 33 years prior to Confederation.

Wikipedia notes William Wilberforce, a member of the House of Commons as an independent, became intricately involved in the abolition of the slave trade in Britain. His conversion to Evangelical Christianity in 1784 played a key role in interesting him in this social reform. Wilberforce's Slave Trade Act 1807 abolished the slave trade in the British Empire. It was not until the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 that the institution finally was abolished, but on a gradual basis. Since land owners in the British West Indies were losing their unpaid labourers, they received compensation totalling £20 million. Read the FULL REPORT 

The £20 million Great Britain paid to free slaves in the West Indies would be the equivalent of about $3 billion U.S. today. The protestors are oblivious to Canada’s major role in the Underground Railroad, and that’s an interesting part of history in itself. READ HERE.     

“Black Lives Matter” and “White Privilege” are slogans created by leftist, white American university anarchists bent on creating a race war to destabilize the U.S. government. Wisconsin university professor Bernardine Dohrn, co-founder of the Weather Underground and an avowed Marxist said, "White youth must choose sides now. They must either fight on the side of the oppressed or be on the side of the oppressor."

Picking up slogans without historical context or awareness of their origins is unwise. Slogans are devoid of intellect as they are designed to appeal to our emotions. Thousands of people have been willingly hoodwinked.

Note that no mention is made of the bloody civil war the U.S. went through to free slaves there. There is much more to the black lives matter movement than some incidents of police brutality. 

I don’t condone police brutality or unwarranted killings and accept that we endure racism in police ranks. However, the brutality is not confined to blacks, or indigenous people. Brutes and bullies are not particular about whom they victimize. The majority of police officers are ethical and honest. So are the majority of blacks, indigenous people and others. I reject the concept that blacks and other races do not practice discrimination. They too have battered halos.    

Every race and ethnic group has a share of dishonest, discriminatory and unethical people. Yelling ‘black lives matter’ does not excuse these elements or magnify the undesirable elements of others. Yelling that back people have suffered 400 years of oppression in Canada is not true.

Emotional reactions do not lead to rational and workable solutions. Arrogance, confrontation, and a lack of manners and respect are not racist but have become common in our relationships. If we cannot discuss and debate issues civilly and respectfully, we cannot communicate effectively. If we cannot communicate civilly and do not respect one another we cannot resolve common problems.

One does not have to a genius to understand that defunding or disbanding police forces will result in neighbourhoods being taken over by criminal elements as has already happened in Seattle. Those objectives are anarchist/Marxist elements at work. They know they cannot succeed in an orderly and lawful environment, so their aim is to create chaos.