Jun. 20, 2020

Trudeau not measuring up on the world stage

What is a charge of “suspicion of spying”? No civilized nation imprisons people on suspicion. Go get the evidence to prove suspicions or let the accused go. Only political prisoners face disrespect for the fundamental principles of justice.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is “disappointed”; Foreign Affairs Minister Freeland is “very angry”. That should have the Chinese Communist Party sounding alarms and running for the bomb shelters.  

Canada’s response should be swift and clear. Our government should advise China that Meng Wanzhou will spend time awaiting an extradition hearing in the Frazer Valley Institute for Women until Kovrig and Spavor are released and that if they are not released within 30 days, Wanzhou will be charged with participating in a criminal conspiracy to corrupt Canadian government and judicial officials.

We have just had a clear look at how much influence our Prime Minister can bring to bear with a seat on the UN Security Council. If he or anyone else dreams that the Security Council venue makes one iota of difference to China’s geopolitical ambitions, they are dreaming.

Either our government plays skillful chess in the big leagues or picks up its checkerboard and comes home. The latter is preferable since we have an outbreak of virus related crisis; the number and intensity is increasing daily. Actions (and failures to act) have consequences.

Years of elbowing important issues off the table in favour of those that provide photo ops and appear appealing in the media. Eventually the neglected issues undermine everything and the government with it.