Jul. 2, 2020

Coronavirus misinformation more frightening than the virus

I am sad for my nation, but cannot cry for the laughter that overwhelms me at the hypocrisy and sheer stupidity of our governments.

We are spending ourselves into a position that will drive us into a depression. Wild spending removes government power over our economy. Decisions will be made credit bureaus, lenders and others who will decide our fate. Our governments can only watch from the sidelines. They have spent their powers and lost their ability to change direction. Our direction will be set by others, in their interests, not in ours.

The decision to lock down the country to prevent a rapid spread of the coronavirus epidemic in Canada was probably wise given the scant (and incorrect) information we had at the time. There are no studies to support the need for a months long quarantine of people and none to support the concept that physical distancing is effective.

We have discovered that Neil Ferguson’s computer models of the coronavirus epidemic were out of date, cannot be replicated (running the program on different computers produces different results) and wildly wrong. Ferguson convinced the WHO, Britain and France to adopt a total lockdown as the only way to combat coronavirus spread. Nature Magazine

We have also discovered that we have no reliable test for COVID-19. The test methods we are using are intended as purity tests for laboratory cloning of viruses and cannot provide reliable tests for the presence of coronavirus or  COVID-19. Business Insider and Global News.

 It is reasonably certain now that China hid the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in China. We still don’t know if the figures they report are accurate.
It appears that very little of what we have been told about the coronavirus and COPID-19 is accurate, reliable or based on fact. That is more frightening than the virus.

 The concept that our governments can step in and provide replacement for income lost due to the quarantine they imposed is ridiculous. The income earned was from effort and industry while the replacement is funded by debt. It is no different than giving employers and employees credit cards instead of earnings and wages for a few months. The big grins disappear when the credit card payments commence.