Jul. 3, 2020

We will choose democracy over socialism.

Now we have another "crisis" on our hands – apparently we are all racists. We have a new malady designated “systemic racism” – which is as hilarious as it is pathetic. Canadians are not racist. We tend to be a tolerant sort and have welcomed refugees from all over the world.

The faux racism is to divert our attention from the virus debacle. When our Prime Minister soberly and sombrely declared that his government was shot through with racism, he was, possibly for the first time, fully accurate and honest.  

The primary racist and discriminatory elements of our society are our governments, federal, provincial and municipal. From the Indian Act, which is clearly racist, to equalization law and regulations which are clearly discriminatory to Employment Insurance programs that discriminate by region and by areas within a region to the Official languages Act, government discrimination is rampant.

Provincial laws that impose tariffs or prohibit trade with other provinces are discriminatory. Regulations that prohibit recognition of professional designations and trade competency earned in another province are discriminatory. The list is long, tiresome and inappropriate.

Hundreds of government programs, federal and provincial, thrown together in haste to garner votes and touted as alleviating the misery of some group are discriminatory, ultimately fail, but remain in place as ending them could result in criticism. We are run by governments too stupid to realize their headaches are rooted in endlessly repeating the same mistakes and expecting a different outcome.

Fortunately, Canadians are a resilient lot, adaptable, educated, innovative, inventive, skilled and able to apply common sense and reason. Our history is filled with heroes; men and women who kept their heads in times of peril and led the way to safety. We are going to need them again, and soon.

Despite the best efforts of government to divide our society into groups they can manipulate, they will fail. Canadians come from all over the world and understand the common elements of democracy freedom and rights. We either came from a heritage where freedoms and rights were revered or from areas where those elements were suppressed and know their worth.

When push comes to shove, and the time is rapidly approaching, we will choose democracy over socialism. The soft sell and siren song of Marxism will not ensnare us.