Jul. 4, 2020

One more conflict of interest probe for Trudeau

Why would we contract with an international charity to manage a Canadian government program?

When you boil it down, WE.org is an ideology-driven, world-order indoctrination body working in our school systems to develop socialist activists with the complicity of provincial Education Departments and Teachers’ organizations. That is appalling.

No mention is made of the administration fee WE.org will receive. 15 per cent would be usual for a non-profit administering a government program. That is a $135-million boost to WE future fortunes. Not bad for a non-profit charity.

Our education systems, from kindergarten to university should be politically neutral. At higher levels, education on governance and political movements must not favour one system over another. They should be open to unbiased examination for civil discussion and debate.

Trudeau is spending $900 million in taxpayer money to promote socialist indoctrination of our youth. Provincial Departments of Education and teacher’s bodies are part of this travesty. Who knew? Now the federal government is spending our money to ensure children are encouraged to absorb this socialist drivel. That is repulsive.

Just in: - The WE organization won't manage the federal government's $900-million program to pay students and fresh graduates for volunteer work this summer, Youth Minister Bardish Chagger announced Friday.

OK, so the feds bailed before the scandal got worse. The question of why we are allowing a charity to turn Canadian students into socialist activists remains. Students who want to volunteer with WE.org should be free to do so, but not through recruitment in our schools and on our dime. What were terms of the WE.org contract? We have a right to know.

We still need the program monitored to ensure that students are not publicly funded to join WE.org as it has well defined political objectives and government funding should be politically neutral.

Just in:  Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion has launched an investigation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the government's decision to task the WE Charity — which has ties to Trudeau's family — with administering a $900 million summer student grant program.

One more conflict of interest investigation of our Prime Minister. He has been found guilty in the past, promised to do better, and was insincere. We cannot consider Justin Trudeau as ethical or honest in his role as Prime Minister. We deserve better.