Jul. 15, 2020

The climate change fraud continues unabated

When cities reach a certain critical size, heat output causes a local weather inversion effectively creating a bubble over the city that prevents emissions of noxious gases and particulate matter from escaping into the atmosphere. Residents trapped in the bubble breath unhealthy “smog”.

No city or nation has come up with a method of effectively countering weather inversion. The best they have done is to shut down industrial plants which reduces smog intensity but harms economic output and does not alter or change the inversion.

Nations that are unable to deal with city weather inversions and smog have been convinced by the environmental lobby that they can manage climate change. Climate change is real and ongoing. The cataclysmic climate change the environmentalist public relations lobby thrusts at us is designed to induce fear and encourage us to beg our government to save us without regard to cost.

Climate change predictions have been ongoing since 1990. Over the thirty years of dire warnings that we face cataclysmic changes as a result of global warming, little has changed. As the various predictions have failed to materialize, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) response has been to double down on dire predictions, increasing the hysteria and to issue more alarms that failure to follow its mandates has increased risks.

We are now warned that if Paris Accord members do not meet IPCC carbon reduction targets immediately we are at a point of no return and global warming cannot be stopped. Members are not on target and the IPCC will adjust its narrative accordingly. It has done so before.

Those of us who have followed the IPCC saga from the beginning recognize the hallmarks of a scam. The original IPCC vehicle was the Kyoto Protocol which came into being in 1997. The UN needed countries producing 55% of carbon emissions to ratify the protocol. Eight years later, they had not met that target and Kyoto was due to expire in 2005. In the fall of 2004, the IPCC made a deal with Russia to come aboard and the protocol was ratified in 2005. The deal with Russia was that the emissions of the old USSR would be compared to those of a diminished Russia, giving the nation $ billions in carbon credits to sell to other nations. The pollution from former satellite nations continued undiminished.

The Kyoto protocol targets industrialized nation only and is essentially a wealth transfer scheme designed to siphon money from industrialized nations to the third world. Major emitters such as China and India were not included in the protocol. In addition, nations were allowed to buy carbon credits from nations with low emissions and thus escape penalties for failing to meet IPCC reduction targets.

The latest version of the scheme is the Paris Climate Agreement. In 2012 the Kyoto Protocol was extended to 2020 but was never successful. The US has never ratified Kyoto. The Paris Agreement has even more stringent carbon emission reduction targets but lacks the penalties in Kyoto. Objective of the IPCC gabfest in Madrid (COP25) last fall was to agree on a system of penalties for failing to meet Paris Agreement reduction targets. No agreement was reached. Industrialized nations balked.

The IPCC has steadfastly refused to investigate the factors that affect climate change. It refuses to consider any factor other than carbon emissions. That is because their scheme does not intend to mitigate climate change, but to transfer funds from rich to poor nations.

The useful idiots entrenched in Ottawa refuse to consider global warming and the Paris Agreement objectively, choosing to regurgitate IPCC warnings, impose carbon taxes on us, and send multiple millions to foreign nations to combat climate change. That is the objective of the IPCC and not in the interest of Canada.

Aations that cannot successfully counter weather inversions cannot affect our climate or climate changes. The unproven IPCC theory that carbon dioxide acts as a thermostat for global temperatures is delusional.  

Our government was elected to act in the best interests of Canadians, not in the interests of United Nations agencies. We need to call our MPs to account for dereliction of duty.