Jul. 25, 2020

Investigation into governor general is another conflict for PM

I wondered what was up when the PMO mouthpiece (CBC) began covering alleged harassment of Governor General Payette’s staff. There was a collection of sources which is very unusual. It looked contrived and it is.

Governor General Payette is the only person who can remove Prime Minister Trudeau from office, and she does not have to give her reasons for doing so. Trudeau is in hot water and protecting his flanks. Not a bad strategic move for a desperate man.
Trudeau has stumbled into the biggest conflict of interest case ever. Using an alleged personnel problem to investigate his boss is a jaw-dropping exercise in conflict. Only Trudeau has anything to gain – and that is his shaky hold on his appointment as Prime Minister,

Sending in his Pricy Council henchmen to “investigate” GG Payette will go down in history as an ultimate in arrogance. The Privy Council operates from the Prime Minister’s office and cannot be neutral. Who can forget Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick pressuring Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould on behalf of Prime Minister Trudeau in the SNC-Lavalin affair?

The head of the Administrative Branch investigating the Executive Branch? The CEO is going to investigate the Board of Directors? Trudeau’s advisers have gone off the deep end.

The Privy Council belongs in the Governor General’s domain, not in the Prime Minister’s Office. Moving the Privy Council to the Prime Minister’s office was a 1940 wartime emergency measure that was unconstitutional and illegal at the time and still is.

Employee harassment complaints in a federal setting should be referred to the Canadian Human Rights Commission to ensure a politically neutral investigation. Trudeau is in a clear conflict of interest. He cannot investigate his boss and claim otherwise. He is the only one with something to lose.

What a fitting end to a Prime Minister blind to ethics.