Aug. 28, 2020

We are stuck with a carnival pitchman

With less than two weeks to go before most schools are set to welcome back students for the fall term, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced more than $2 billion in funding to help provinces and territories re-open their schools and economies safely. See original report from CBC

The arrogance, dishonesty and cynicism are palpable.

  • The federal government does not have 2 cents let alone $2 billion to fund this program. The increased debt is unneeded and unwise. The children returning to school will spend their entire working lives paying off the Trudeau-dollar debt.
  • Education is a provincial jurisdiction. The feds insist on expanding their reach into local affairs while they ignore their constitutional duties and obligations.
  • Trudeau prorogued parliament and cannot get the funding approved for this program until the end of September if his government survives a confidence vote. This announcement is a cynical attempt to show he cares when he does not.
  • The announcement is pandering to parents with no underlying substance or urgency. Federal funds cannot arrive in school districts until after children are on their Christmas break. That is not helping schools to reopen; it is posturing for improvement of a badly tarnished image.

     The consistent barrage of announcements is all show with no substance. We deserve better governance than a pratfall of clowns selling itself like breakfast cereal. We don’t have a Prime Minister - we are stuck with a carnival pitchman.