Sep. 15, 2020

The trials and tribulations of the super rich

Second mansion was built in response to Trudeau’s marital trouble
The Buffalo Chronicle August 21, 2020

Prime minister's lakeside residence undergoing $8.6M renovation
CBC News Apr 17, 2020 

One of the “cottages” on the property was renovated into a separate mansion to go with the usual PM hangout. It is technically a renovation, but the amount spent is not a normal renovation. 

There is no need for the second mansion at Harrington Lake. The Prime Minister’s residence in Ottawa sits unused as Trudeau wants upgrades before he will live there.
I do not doubt the Buffalo Chronicle article. The paper has very deep insider sources in Ottawa that have proven to be accurate in the past.
Our PM is oblivious to the facts of life. There are problems, particularly spousal conflict problems, that no amount of money can repair or resolve.

But the Trudeaus live at the 22-room Rideau Cottage in Ottawa’s New Edinburgh neighbourhood — that was where Sophie Grégoire Trudeau completed her quarantine after being diagnosed with COVID-19.
Unlike from Ottawa into Gatineau, non-essential travel from Gatineau into Ottawa is not restricted — however, it is possible that had the family returned to Ottawa, they might not have been allowed to go back to their country residence afterwards. Global News

Only a silver-spoon narcissist would consider an $8.6 million renovation to provide a separate mansion for an angry wife as acceptable. The rest of us would deal with the rift as grown-ups and move to a separate bedroom or hotel while we sort out if we can reconcile or face a separation or divorce. 

Dipping into the public purse for $8.6 million to satisfy personal whims is disgusting. Trudeau will eventually learn that he cannot buy off the great unwashed. Almost everyone in our lowest social strata has more robust ethics and a working moral compass that Trudeau lacks.
His contempt for the people of Canada is increasingly obvious and repulsive. This arrogant, ignorant spoiled brat has several multi-million-dollar mansions to choose from and demands that another be built without oversight or justification. We need to put him in a private play pen as soon as possible.