Sep. 26, 2020

Federal coronavirus response is an utter disaster

We are tired of being demeaned for not following regulations to limit a virus spread. Millions of us have isolated, avoided contacts with family and friends, shopped cautiously and as infrequently as possible, let our hair grow, missed medical and dental appointments and generally behaved like hermits rather than members of a free society.

We have suffered hours of contradictory messaging on isolation, distancing, face masks, vaccines, case numbers, mortality rates and a blur of doubletalk about the virus crisis.

Here is Dr. Tam telling us that if we don't reduce contact rates, we will all get sick. She is admitting that she cannot manage the epidemic. She has wrecked our economy, put us deep into debt as a nation, cost millions their livelihood, and put millions more in danger of bankruptcy, but her containment plan is not working.

We have new infections in the 20 to 40 age range. They are fully aware of the regulations on distancing and masks. They cannot help but be aware as there are signs all over private and public places. They are rebelling against government regulations and restrictions of their freedoms. They insist on meeting and mingling.

As a health care professional, Dr. Tam should know that young adult hormones overcome common sense and convention. How could she miss such an obvious flaw in her plans? She cannot beat them into submission, and yelling at the rest of us has resulted in deserved derision.     

When she blames increased infections on the people she claims to be protecting, she is abusing authority. Following her regulations to contain the virus is not our only option. We can change the government. If the fortune teller is unreliable, find another oracle.

Her COVID response is a disaster. There is no Plan B. The failure is unacceptable. Goodbye.