Sep. 27, 2020

Trudeau’s grand experiment in control missed the boat

I happened to turn on the TV to take in Trudeau’s passionate pitch for us all to behave so we can stop the ‘second wave’ of coronavirus. I wondered for a moment if I had accidentally tuned in to a live video of a Stratford stage presentation.

Trudeau eloquently, emotionally and passionately chewing up the scenery in his efforts to sway us to avoid this pending disaster. He repeated the mid-March appeals. However coronavirus did not kill hundreds of thousands. There were 7,081 residents of long-term care facilities and 16 staff members who fell victim to COVID. They represent 77% of all Canadian COVID deaths.

Emotional appeals, no matter how passionate, do not engender sound planning. Our health care professionals claim contact tracing is vital to containing virus spread, but we don’t have enough testing facilities or laboratories to make contact tracing effective. Who dropped the ball?

Coronavirus is a protein, not a bacteria. Anti-bacterial agents are useless in combatting COVID. We have speculation, but no evidence of coronavirus transmission by touching objects – all evidence points to close quarters person to person transmission. Why are we spending thousands of hours and dollars on cleaning surfaces when it does not limit virus spread?

We recommend people use face masks. Can someone infected transmit the virus through a face mask? Are face masks effective or just a placebo for the nervous? Why don’t we know?

Extending the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) into mid-2021 or later is not solving economic problems. People want secure, stable jobs, not benefit programs that can end on a whim. We need stability, not speeches.

Why are we not spending to build pipelines to seaports? Why are we not spending to increase rail transport capacity by 50 per cent and establishing a high-speed transcontinental passenger rail service? Why are we not upgrading rail and road access to all export ports?

There is a wealth of opportunities to rebuild our economy into a more robust model freed from the corruption of government. Trudeau’s promises of 100,000 new jobs is incomplete; he means 100,000 jobs for his corporate friends.

There is no body less qualified to create jobs than our federal cabinet. They are so far removed from the needs of those they claim to serve that they are now reluctantly getting around to providing compensation for pay lost due to COVID isolation. That should have been the first program out of the gate when the country was closed down, excepting for essential services.

Our workers need to know that if they feel ill or are required to isolate due to exposure to the virus they will not lose pay. Containment strategies are useless if symptomatic people do not isolate. They will not isolate if they can’t pay the rent or buy groceries. That is why people miserable with a cold or flu come to work and infect others.

Our whole approach to the pandemic is wrong. No government can arbitrarily remove the rights and freedoms of the population it serves and expect positive results. We have been treated like morons; simpletons who don’t know enough to get out of the rain. I don’t care what the rationale is; imposing tyranny on a democratic nation is not acceptable.

Armed with accurate information, we could have coped with containing the virus spread. We would have employed social distancing to minimize virus spread and helped to introduce good practices in our workplaces to keep them safe and functioning.

This government, and every other future government, federal and provincial has to learn that we will never again accept totalitarianism in any guise for any excuse.

What is at risk is democracy, our freedoms and rights. This government has announced it intends to be much more active in our daily lives, imposing whatever programs and services it deems fit. We do not need more government.

Trudeau’s grand experiment in absolute control is a disaster. He is a failure as a monarch, leaving us heavily indebted, with our economy in ruins and our future risky and uncertain. Instead of providing plans for domestic recovery and a path to resurrecting our safety and security, Trudeau is proposing even more adventures in unproven ideologies.

When the government has something to sell, the first thing to be bought and sold are politicians. Mr. Singh has proven the adage to be true.

Trudeau and Singh plan to govern for the next three years. Neither has any grasp of fiscal prudence or debt management. Our future under these wastrels is bleak.