Sep. 29, 2020

Coronavirus 'crisis' an experiment to dehumanize us

Everything but essential services were closed down by government decree.

We were told to self-isolate in our homes for an unknown duration. Self-isolate is a less sinister synonym for quarantine but is still a quarantine. We are too unruly to follow orders, so closing all but essential services ensured we would stay home.

I will be picky and point out that quarantine is a federal jurisdiction (Constitution, Section 91, subsection 11). Provincial emergency measures acts cannot override the constitution, so all the COVID orders and reguations issued by provinces are technically unconstitutional and void.

In case you are wondering, the federal government can’t transfer its constitutional responsibilities to the provinces. That would require a constitutional amendment.

Everyone in Canada is equal. We are no longer male or female, young or old, rich or poor, healthy or ill. We are tokens on a game board, but no token is unique. We are no longer individuals. We are dehumanized.

Obey the orders, and follow regulations. Do not question the authorities. Coronavirus is highly contagious and lethal. The leaders know what to do, and we do not. So far, Coronavirus has infected 402 people of every 100,000 Canadians and has killed 25 of every 100,000. We need to redefine contagious and lethal.

Governments and the media are lying to us. The following is from the  CTV web site 

Cases (Sept. 26)
Ontario (435) – The province announced 435 new cases and 338 recoveries.
Quebec (698) – Health officials announced 698 new cases, 404 recoveries and seven deaths. The deaths occurred between Sept. 9-24.

Ontario reported an additional 435 total cases. 97 were new.
Quebec reported an additional 698 total cases. 287 were new. 

Active cases are people who have been verified as infected but have not recovered or died. As they recover or pass, they move to the recovered or died columns, but are still counted in totals. The increase (or decrease) in active cases establishes trends.

The portrayal of COVID numbers is deliberately alarmist. That is consistent with the current “second wave” narrative. We must be kept fearful to create maximum compliance. Our local paper has a steady stream of letters to the editor demanding that face masks be made mandatory.

That is the goal of the coronavirus ‘crisis’: make us so fearful of the virus we will gladly cede our freedoms to the government for temporary safety. No one notices that the government does not guarantee we will be safe from COVID. The government states that if we do not follow its orders, we will not be safe.

Another step in dehumanizing us is the creation of COVID ‘zones’. COVID regulations are now imposed by the risk factor governments assigned to the area where we live. Thus the behaviour of a small group can bring down the wrath of the government on all residents.

The final step will be to encourage people to notify authorities if they observe someone disobeying regulations. The letters to the editor indicate that there are many people ready to spy on neighbours. Sadly, we are willing to adopt the oppressive world of secret police and informers without protest.

When the people we elect to represent us in the legislature or parliament turn into harridans threatening our liberty and rights, we have veered away from the democratic governance our forefathers fought to achieve 800 years ago.

We have lost tens of thousands of lives maintaining the right to have a voice in affairs that affect us. Are we ready to give up our freedoms, liberty, rights and the rule of law without a fight? Will we allow an appointed Prime Minister to rule as a monarch without even a whimper of protest?

The late 1960s British TV series The Prisoner is relevant. The main character, a retired spy, is abducted and held for questioning to establish why he quit and what secrets he might have. He is given No. 6 as an identity in his captivity. He responds: “I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered,” he barks. “My life is my own.”

Are you willing to turn your life over to uncaring, corrupt twits? That is where you will go unless you demand to keep control over your destiny.