Oct. 2, 2020

Governments have created a crisis

We have witnessed one of the most Machiavellian political ploys in Canadian history. There was no crisis or urgent need to pass legislation to continue CERB support for individuals unemployed due to the mismanaged response to COVID.

Various CERB benefits were amended, expanded and extended several times since mid-March. CERB programs were created without adequate research and have been under constant change.

The end of September date to end a critical CERB program was deliberate and intentional. People dependent on the program were anxiously concerned over what might happen to them in October.

It is unforgivable that the federal government didn’t care about people. Its sole goal was to engineer survival when parliament finally convened after a six-month interruption that seems more like six years. It put the continuation of CERB benefits into its Throne Speech. That was the poison pill in an otherwise lacklustre and uninspiring opening message from the federal cabinet.

Opposition parties had to pass a weird bill that put CERB relief under the Employment Insurance program. Defeating the minority government would have triggered a general election that could not occur before mid-November. In the meantime, millions of people dependent on CERB would have no income until after Christmas.

It takes particularly callous, corrupt, devious and immoral thinking to devise such a stage play; that is what it is. This manufacture of crisis is not sound governance. This minority government is bleeding support and desperately employing charades and hucksterism to cling to power.

Canadians realize that this government has no interest in meeting their needs. Trudeau and his inner circle are committed to foreign ideologies and international (world) governance. Canadians are learning to follow the money.

Sustainable energy, like many other ideologies, is driven by foreign investors with deep pockets. They want to invest in sustainable energy development because they can successfully lobby gullible governments to support technology development. They sell off their shares if the project appears to be a failure and own the patents if it is successful.

None of it has anything to do with a cleaner, greener world. It is all about earning and growing shareholder profits. Is it any surprise that the McCall MacBain Foundation is the founder of the European Climate Foundation? Read through the links, and you will think you are reading federal government press releases.It is no accident that McCall MacBain is a significant contributor to the Trudeau Foundation. Those Liberal connections to big business keep popping up like an endless whack-a-mole game.   

We can do better than Canadian government policy imported from Europe and China.