Oct. 5, 2020

'Second wave' Coronavirus warnings are nonsense

Rachel Aiello reported on CTV News that the federal government is easing the current cross-border travel policies on family reunification, expanding who will be allowed into Canada while also boosting monitoring for travellers entering the country.

While the Canadian border is set to remain closed for another month at least to all non-essential travel, changes are coming to allow more extended family members into Canada on compassionate grounds, as well as allowing international students to enter the country under certain criteria. Full report.

This announcement, simultaneous with provincial exhortations for residents to strictly limit or curtail our Halloween trick or treat and costume party traditions, is inane.
Just a week ago, Prime Minister Trudeau said that getting together for a (Thanksgiving) meal is not an option. HERE.

Our governments have failed us on the coronavirus file. We have suffered over six months of contradictory, chaotic, messy and demeaning orders and regulations. We have lost freedoms and rights, suffered debilitating isolation and fearmongering, but the virus spread is not contained.

The “second wave” warnings are nonsense. When we were under strict quarantine, coronavirus spread was contained.  That is not a solution to controlling an epidemic as we cannot be confined to our homes indefinitely, although our officials are certainly trying to do so.

When regulations were relaxed, the virus spread. Our governments are blaming the victims and threatening stricter sanctions as punishment for government failures. Health care experts advise politicians. It is politicians who approve any regulations issued and are accountable to the public.

We have spent the last 26 weeks being ordered about like subjects of kings. There is no ongoing Coronavirus emergency. Incompetent politicians unwilling to admit they cannot control the coronavirus epidemic is not an emergency.

If politicians share the scant coronavirus information we can rely on with the public and appeal to us for assistance, we can work together to minimize the loss of lives. Ordering us about as if we lack common sense and the capacity to reason has failed. We can’t blame politicians for trying; after all, we were dumb enough to elect them.