Oct. 7, 2020

We don't have to follow Ontario-Quebec alliance

The September 2020 Throne Speech did it. It was a stage-managed event designed to force opposition parties to continue supporting CERB benefits, thereby extending the life of a minority government that failed to earn the support it needs. 

Central Canada is a mess of nasty ethnic infighting unabated since 1759. The seven-year war between France and Great Britain officially concluded with the signing of the Treaty of Paris, 1763, but has continued in Canada for 257 years. French Canada refuses to concede the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. 

Any hope of Canada being governed for her people's benefit was erased following the 1841 Act of Union that made Upper and Lower Canada one province with equal representation in a central parliament. French residents of lower Canada outnumbered the British residents of upper Canada and resented equal representation. 

From 1841 until 1867, the Province of Canada was ungovernable. Neither ethnic group could muster enough support to form a majority, so endless arguments and debates replaced governance. 

Confederation broke the impasse by bringing in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It also resulted in more French resentment, as confederation was considered to be more British trickery. 

Cultural and political leaders in Ontario and Quebec have reached an uneasy truce based on their mutual economic and political needs and well-being. That well-being includes their corporate, business and social elite as the political class cannot survive without their support. 

Actions of the governments during the coronavirus epidemic and in the September Throne Speech make it clear that our government intends to maintain the status quo. Its attention is on the prosperity of Ontario and Quebec. The rest of the nation does not exist except as a resource. 

The Throne Speech made it clear that this government will unquestioningly follow dictates of the United Nations irrespective of the harm that may occur in Canada. That is a treasonous abdication of its responsibility to the monarch and the people of Canada. 

Allowing Canada's governance to be dictated by an unelected and unaccountable conglomeration of dictatorships, theocracies, and tyrannies is repulsive. Canada and Canadians are not for sale to world governance proponents.