Oct. 9, 2020

We don't have to follow an arrogant, authoritarian Prime Minister

Western Canadians are not embroiled in the central and eastern ethnic/language/power struggles. We are not given to soothing hurt egos. 

We need to draw the line at the Manitoba-Ontario border and declare the secession of all points west. It does not need to be a wrenching change. Rather than wasting time and energy creating a new constitution and arguing over how it should be framed, we can adapt the existing constitution to exclude all but the four western provinces and create a federal parliament in Regina. 

There is not much wrong with our constitution other than our governments don't follow it. The only valid rationale for western secession is to return to democratic governance. Governments are 
a  necessary evil, but like a pet cobra, confinement is required to avoid a lethal attack. If we fail to ensure governments are restricted to their constitutional obligations, they will replace representative democracy with welfare programs designed to enslave the unwary with funds taken from them through taxation. No government can bestow a 'benefit' it has not first taken from us by force.

Western separation is currently bogged down in arguments between political parties that want to represent Canada West. Political parties want to (1) win power and (2) get re-elected. Despite claims to the contrary, they are not created to represent electors. We have ample evidence to prove that. 

Canada West can refuse to recognize political parties. Candidates can run as independents to represent a riding. Once elected, they represent the people of their riding, not a political party. We need to scrap concepts that don't work. 

Canada West can protect its investments, ban foreign-funded NGOs, prohibit political activity by trade unions and prohibit the sale of assets, businesses and resources to foreigners, which would include Canada East.
Canada West can provide low-cost energy for its provincial partners and export energy to other buyers (including Eastern Canada) at higher prices. 

Canada West can create a rock-solid, stable business and investment climate based on non-interference in business and industry development beyond usual measures to prevent pollution of our air, land and water.

We have an opportunity to rid ourselves of the eastern elite shackles and live free as masters of our fate.

The worst thing we can do is sit awaiting a leader. Determined men and women can forge a reality for themselves. Our forefathers did. When we go to war, leaders emerge when the gunfire sounds. They earn the respect of their fellows by action and deed. They will appear when we need them. 

There is no easy and safe way to overcome 150 years of servitude. We can choose between freedom and the security of eternal servitude, but cannot have both.