Oct. 12, 2020

For Shame, prime minister, you have failed miserably

Give it up, Prime Minister. Your attempts to control coronavirus spread have failed. Rather than admitting fault, you are blaming the victims. We note your lack of compassion and empathy. 

You took on a task beyond your capability, failed, created a monstrous mess and must resign. 
Shutting down all but essential businesses and services while demanding that we be confined to our homes while you “contained the virus spread” and “flattened the curve” is unprecedented. It has never happened in Canada. Applying a virus quarantine to commerce is disturbing and likely not legal. Where did this strange concept originate? Who authored the plan and who agreed to implement it for Canada? We need answers. 
It is beyond eerie that ten provincial health care officers are reading from the same script and taking the same actions to shut down commercial business and services. It is improbable that not one has a different view of how the epidemic should be dealt with.  
Productivity plummeted while millions of people were stripped of income. Maintaining a lockdown is dreadfully expensive, yet you kept extending the period while people suffered from anxiety and uncertainty. What is the cost per day of income replacement for businesses and individuals while businesses and services are shuttered?  
Prolonged isolation and commercial closures failed to stop the virus spread. The reopening of  businesses and services did not cause an increase in cases. The health care system had not identified hundreds of COVID infected people in the community. Health care  data covers only people who have had contact with the medical system respecting coronavirus infection.    
Governments put substantial resources in place for contact tracing but were surprised that tracing turned up many more cases. We don’t have the capacity to follow up on contact tracing. Testing facilities and laboratories are overwhelmed. As a result, contact tracing is rendered ineffective. 
Governments have no idea of how many thousands of people are COVID positive but unknown to health care systems. Returning to business and service closures to combat COVID-19 is ludicrous. It did not work in the past and will not work now. 
When every provincial jurisdiction is marching in lockstep with the federal government, we know that something is wrong. Governments have stifled initiatives to seek alternate virus spread solutions that may work. 
We are aware that 79.7% of COVID cases and 93.2% of COVID deaths are concentrated in Ontario and Quebec which account for 61.5% of our population. Cases and deaths are disproportionately high and so is the pressure to do something to slow the carnage. 
Frightening everyone by misreporting COVID statistics is reprehensible. For the first ten days of October, COVID cases increased by 21,421 a number played up over and over in all media outlets. That number includes 16,387 recoveries – 76.5% of the total. There were only 4,723 new cases – 22% of the totals. We should be celebrating recoveries not using them as something frighteneing.     
The current approach to COVID-19 has the ugly stench of federal coercion and interference. Threatening to withhold COVID relief funds if provinces do not adhere to federal COVID dictates would be business as usual for this government. 
Non-medical face masks are ineffective in preventing coronavirus infection and transmission. Mandatory masking is an effort to appear to address a problem without doing so. There is no evidence that coronavirus is spread through surface contact. It is possible but not probable. All recorded infections are from close proximity personal encounters. We don’t even know if six foot distancing is adequate. Yet we are spending millions on sanitizing surfaces for little or no return.   
We will survive the virus if we clean up and sanitize parliament. We are not receiving accurate or useful information on the virus and efforts to contain it. Our parliament has been out of action for over seven months and has failed to provide meaningful information on our finances and budget. 
This is why we cannot trust Trudeau and his cabinet with our future. They have to go. Now. 

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