Oct. 22, 2020

Politicans have us stranded on a Fantasy Island

The more we see of our political parties and media mavens, the more it appears we have accidentally tuned into episodes of the TV series Fantasy Island.

This evening, the host on a TV newscast informed us that we had managed to avoid a snap election showing that she had no idea what the term means. The defeat of a minority government is not a snap election. We enacted fixed-date election laws to halt an incumbent party's practice of calling an early election when polls indicate strong public support.

The entire dreary charade was unnecessary and failed to address the anxieties and concerns of the public. People are worried about the virus, economic stability, jobs, incomes, and erosion of their living standards.

We do not need another parliamentary committee. The committees we have are embroiled in procedural gamesmanship and ineffective.

The Conservatives should have proposed legislative changes to strengthen anti-corruption laws, provide a robust investigation system and hefty penalties for engaging in corrupt activities.

The Liberals should have welcomed any initiative to sniff out corruption and unethical behaviour. An honest government has nothing to fear. Twisting the initiative into a confidence vote suggests that the rug's bulges hide a wealth of actions the government is hiding from the public.

Watching the Prime Minister wrap himself in a flag of exceptional efforts to deal with virus issues was possibly the best stand up comedy I have seen in decades. No one pointed out that his prolonged lockdown of our economy's engines created an economic crisis he cannot manage.

By dribbling out income replacement programs at the last possible moment, this government is in power because people cannot wait for an election and government change to get the economic support they desperately need.

As it is, we will have tens of thousands of families facing a bleak Christmas season short of cash and hounded to refrain from celebrating with family and friends.

It is unbelievable that we cannot rid ourselves of a corrupt government because an election will take too long. I wish I could agree that these are unprecedented times, but that also is a lie. The Martin legacy. 

History, as well as Liberal connections to corruption and criminals, have a dreadful habit of repeating.