Oct. 23, 2020

Why are the government and media so fixated on COVID?

On CTV News this morning (The COVID-19 Brief) I noted:
Record cases. Canadian health officials recorded the highest number of cases in a single day on Thursday, breaking a record set in the spring. Canada logged 2,786 new cases on Thursday alone, breaking the previous record of 2,698 cases, which was set on Oct. 17, and the May 3 tally of 2,760, a figure inflated by a computer error in Quebec. CTV NEWS


The correct number is 2,788, and of those, 2,090 or 75% were recoveries or deaths of people already identified as active cases. Only 698 or 25% were new.

The federal government appears intent on convincing us that combatting COVID is the only issue of importance. We should pay no attention to what else it is doing or not doing while it wrestles the virus into submission. So far, the virus is winning.

Millions of healthy people have had their lives rudely disrupted. Millions who are not COVID-infected face employment and financial insecurity.

There is no new normal. The government response to COVID is not normal. There is no precedent for closing all but vital businesses and services by decree. There is no precedent for demanding that a healthy population quarantine for months.

Health care specialists and politicians are sounding an alarm over a potential second wave of COVID infections. They sagely advise that previous viruses have all had a second wave. The idea that a virus plans attacks on humans is inane.

We are convivial, animated, lively, sociable animals. Isolation from others is foreign to our instincts and nature. The initial fear of virus infection inhibits us for a time. Eventually, we rebel and seek out the family and tribe security as we have done for millenniums.

The posture that we cannot engage in an election because that would delay government programs to offset financial hardship is for the very gullible. With millions of us facing anxiety and insecurity after several months of government meddling, we have no reason to believe this government can put our lives back in order. It has torn the engines out of our economy, strewn parts all over and cannot reassemble the pieces to function again.

Rather than admitting a colossal mistake, this government is pretending it can create something better. Government creation and management of economies is fiction. Its failure to manage a contagious virus is telling. Instead of trying to control the virus, our government attempted to control the population.

It appears that the heavy government and media emphasis on COVID numbers and risks is to protect the Liberals from legitimate investigations of their actions and tactics rather than to protect Canadians. That is disgusting. 

The Canada Elections Act requires that if a government is defeated, writs of election must be issued and fix the date for voting at the election no earlier than the 36th day and no later than the 50th day after the day on which the writ was issued. Under current conditions, it is unlikely that the Governor General would agree to an election period of more than the 36-day minimum.

The argument for delaying an election is meaningless considering the level of anxiety suffered by the public. We have little or no hope of an early return to stability and economic security. That does not mean we must settle for a new normal; we want to return to the stability and security we enjoyed prior to Trudeau, not just prior to COVID.

We have never before suffered a Prime Minister as capable of making a bad situation worse. He told us he would govern differently and mangled that handily. We had a manageable nation before Trudeau’s attempts to remodel us into something foreign and will have a manageable nation when he is gone.

Opposition parties must do what is best for Canada and her people. Keeping Trudeau and his inner cabal in power is not in our best interests. An election will return the hope for a better future that Trudeau stole from us.