Nov. 3, 2020

Billions in investment sparked a turnaround of electric vehicle future

David Olive writing in the Toronto Star Oct. 31 point out that the long-anticipated revolution in electric vehicles (EV) is finally under way, with frenzied EV activity this year in all quarters of the global auto industry. 
The world’s automakers are committed to spending about $200 billion (U.S.) over the next four years to accelerate the transition to zero-emission vehicles.
It is expected that about 350 new EV models will be launched over the next few years. DAVID OLIVE.

Investors are betting that governments are stupid enough to pour billions of dollars into promoting electric vehicles to save the planet from climate change. That is like subsidizing rodent ranches to produce guard mice to scare off the elephants.

Ford and Fiat will create separate subsidiaries to manufacture EVs. Before subsidies run out, they will sell off the subsidiaries, pocket the profit, and leave the purchaser with an inventory of high priced novelty vehicles.
Canada’s climate and geography are not electric vehicle friendly. Electric cars are expensive. So is the charging infrastructure required to support them. Tying a heavy chain to a boat anchor does not Tying electric cars to climate change is ludicrous. They require different and more resources to build than conventional autos. Construction is not cheap or carbon neutral. Resources used are finite. Many of the significant components, such as the plastic and carbon fibre for body panels, insulation for wiring and adhesives and sealants for assembly, are petroleum-based.

Government subsidies for purchasing electric vehicles require those who cannot afford a new car to subsidize those who buy an electric model. We all have to pay for creating the charging infrastructure to keep electric cars from being tethered to a 50 km distance from home.

The promotion of electric vehicles is not on our to-do lists. We need to get businesses and services back in operation, employees back to work, economic engines restarted, and the coronavirus terror subdued.

Our COVID-19 response has been an exercise in slap-stick comedy. Yesterday, we had the head nurse for Manitoba announce that everyone should isolate if someone in the family has COVID! That is fundamental to limiting the spread of a contagious disease. If that has not been standard practice, the current rapid rise of COVID cases results from criminally inadequate quarantine practices.

Dealing with the health care and economic collapses is as much as our governments can handle. Bumping up immigration, making electric cars, promoting green technology and chasing the UN are not on the agenda for now. We need to regain equilibrium, re-establish economic stability and social security instead of tossing new initiatives into chaos.

Governments are trying to distract us from their failings, and we must not allow that.