Nov. 5, 2020

Leaders have faith in America and call for multilateralism

From CTV – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the European Union's two top political leaders expressed faith in the American people ahead of a presidential election whose outcome has major implications for global relations.

Trudeau, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, the European Union Council president all refrained -- as is customary -- from directly commenting on whether they'd like to see President Donald Trump remain in office or his challenger, Democrat Joe Biden, take over.

But it was clear the trio of leaders are at minimum eager for a reset of strained relations at a time that all three said demands a multilateral approach on climate change, digital interference and efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic. MORE


We have an arrogant, star-struck, egotistical, political trollop Prime Minister destroying the country instead of building, preserving and protecting it.

Charity, safety and security start at home. We cleave to a family as our core and anchor. We strive to do better and support one another in good and bad times. Our families join tribes for similar reasons. We draw strength from one another and can accomplish tasks that are beyond the capacity of the family. Whether the tribe is religious, service or community based is not definitive. We may be members of several interconnected tribes.

Governments have failed to manage coronavirus spread and need to focus on internal affairs and combat dozens of domestic fires threatening to burn out of control. Threatening us with business, recreational and service closures if virus spread does not diminish is insane. 

Months of lectures on following the basics of virus protection illustrate the hypocrisy of our officials. They do not isolate infected people or prohibit those caring for infected people from caring for healthy people or screening staff and visitors in places where vulnerable people reside.

We do not have sufficient protection and testing equipment or human resources to enforce these basic rules. Restricting access to business, recreational and service venues cannot overcome the lack of resources to implement basic virus spread protocols. Stop the pretense.

There is no evidence that we do not want an election. The federal government has a bad habit of announcing a new support program as if it is already implemented when the spending has not been approved by parliament. Relief programs sometimes take months to actually work.

The same is true of COVID protective and testing equipment. Ordering materials is not delivering them. Ordering rapid testing kits, receiving them and distributing them to places where they are desperately needed takes a lot of time and effort. Most of us are tired of announcements of last month’s announcements as if they are new.

In June, we were told that any old rag, scarf, or material mask was adequate. Now Dr. Tam announces that triple layer masks with a core filter are preferred. That gets expensive for a family. As usual, there are no suppliers where we can purchase the triple-layer masks at a reasonable price.

Our governments have a serious problem. They need to develop a plan to keep us safe from coronavirus while they restart the economy. Locking up business and services is not an option. We did that for an extended period, and the strategy failed. Coronavirus spread.

Our politicians were too queasy to enforce a travel ban and isolate foreign visitors for 14 days. We pretended that self-isolation would work, and it did not. We asked that people with COVID isolate at home but did not insist that all family members also isolate until they were symptom-free. The result is a widespread community infection we cannot stop. It will play out as if no measures had been taken.

Trudeau’s fixation on a “world order” while he presides over a nation facing both economic and health crises is disgusting. The failure of the opposition to rein in spending and demand financial accounting is not acceptable.