Nov. 6, 2020

U.S. election hysterics like a made-for-TV reality show

Readers have asked what I think of the U.S. election. The U.S. system is complicated, and its complications are made worse by efforts to ensure voters and election officials don’t risk coronavirus exposure.

State officials run U.S. elections, so we have 50 different elections run simultaneously with differing laws on how elections will be conducted state by state.

Adding to the confusion, electors in a given precinct within a state can vote for county officials, state officials, congress members, senators and the president, depending on the jurisdiction. Ballots can be long and complicated, or an elector can have several different ballots to complete. That slows down the handling and counting processes.    

2020 appears to be the most massive U.S. voter turnout ever. There are somewhere over 65 million mail-in ballots to count in addition to in-person votes on election day. Suggestions that all contests will be settled on election day is not just irresponsible; it is impossible.

Mail-in ballots require extra time to open, verify that they are valid, sort out the different contests in the jurisdiction and record votes in the appropriate contests. Mail-in ballots add another chore to counting. The mail-in ballots have to be checked against a list of in-person ballots to ensure people only vote once. That adds to the time needed to make an accurate count.

The total number of ballots being counted results in election official fatigue, which results in errors tabulating and calculating tallied by poll and district. Tired people make silly errors in recording tallies by poll and district. No malice is required.

The U.S. presidential election is a process, not an event. The office of the president is not decided by popular vote. The president is elected by an Electoral College vote, which will occur on December 14, 2020. Some states have laws requiring that all College Electors vote for the presidential candidate that got the most votes in that state while other states do not. The media and pundits are wrong to assume that all Electoral College votes will all follow the popular vote.

I predicted a win for Trump, not because of his charm, diplomacy and wisdom. The Democrats have engaged in censorship, character assassination, and angry aggression since Trump was elected. Pelosi’s blatant and venomous hatred and intolerance toward anyone not Democrat, have driven people away from the party.

Many people are fearful of becoming victims of arbitrary and intolerant Democrat wrath.

The U.S. election is now in a period of making final counts, finding and correcting errors, dealing with court challenges and preparing for vote certification in early December. Challenges have to be settled before results can be certified.

Media and candidate hysterics will not change the election pace or process. Neither presidential candidate is willing to admit defeat, and neither can legitimately claim victory until the Electoral College votes on December 14, but they will.

There are several ways that a mail-in ballot system can be abused:

  • Failing to send ballots to GOP and independent voters;
  • Sending ballots to ineligible voters;
  • Sending multiple ballots to the same people;
  • Ignoring identification requirements;
  • Failing to check against in-person voted effectively allowing a person to vote twice.
  • Printing extra ballots to be completed by party officials.

There are sound reasons to suspect that mail-in ballots did not receive the same degree of scrutiny and control that in-person ballots receive. That is unacceptable. The mail-in ballots are open to unfair manipulation.

It is very strange that mail-in ballots in all precincts appear to heavily support Biden. One would expect that if distribution of mail-in ballots was fair, results would nearly mirror in-person results with some precincts favouring Trump. That strange smell could be corruption. The next three or four weeks will tell the story.         

Remember all the pollsters, university professors, smart people and elitists predicted that Biden would romp to a majority. That shows us how detached the political class is from the people they want to rule. The detachment is due to the desire to rule rather than serve and is equally applicable in Canada.       

I recommend viewing the unfolding American election process as a sitcom. Viewed as a made for television play, it has extensive entertainment value. Decorum, etiquette and respect are absent. Outrageous claims flow like a river following an intense rainstorm. Reality is suspended.

Taking media, political and pundit election commentary seriously can be hazardous to your health. Save your energies for combatting coronavirus. Our governments are failing us on that front.