Nov. 13, 2020

Drop Dead Mr. Prime Minister

CBC News reports Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he has warned the premiers that “impossible” choices will have to be made if they don’t lower their COVID-19 caseloads soon.

His comments follow a Thursday evening call between the prime minister and the premiers.

“One of the things that I did highlight is that our resources are not infinite at the federal government, whether it comes to support on contact tracing, extra support on [personal protective equipment], support through the military or the Red Cross. We are there to support the provinces as they handle this pandemic,” Trudeau told his regular pandemic media briefing in Ottawa. “But there is a threshold beyond which when the cases spike too much, we might have to make really difficult choices about where to deploy the limited resources we have.” CBC REPORT


So spoke the officious twit who heads a minority federal government. Quarantine is the exclusive jurisdiction and responsibility of the federal government. Trudeau cannot admonish the premiers for failing to do his job for him.

Trudeau’s “warning” is a threat. He controls federal funding for income replacement, and he will use that as a lever to whip provinces into line. The pandemic response is created and orchestrated by the federal government. Trudeau is calling the shots.

Eight months of business and service closures and population quarantine from coast to coast have failed to contain virus spread. Infection rates and death rates have continued to climb steadily since April. There has been no letup.

The spread rate is less than projected last March, but that tells us the projections were wrong. It is not an indication that the lockdown was successful.

It is eight months since the tall foreheads in Ottawa created the lockdown/quarantine plan. The results are not what was expected. Trudeau wants to return to the March 16 lockdown and quarantine with even tighter regulations. It is unlikely to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

We have outbreaks in personal care facilities again, although we have had more than half a year to ensure that they were now safe. We have had several bouts in hospitals, which is terrifying. If our medical and support staff can’t follow regulations and keep their facilities virus free, where can we go for safe treatment?

Are we being quarantined to stop the spread of a virus or protect the reputations of federal health care specialists and politicians who have made poor choices?

Trudeau announced he is prepared to toss the premiers under the bus. That is a signal that he cannot be trusted to follow through with compensation for income losses due to Coronavirus. Govern yourselves accordingly.

Reader Comment
This man has many concerns about the way the pandemic has and is being handled by the federal government, and that is fair game. Nothing is perfect and all suggestions should be welcomed and considered.
However his deliberate, unnecessary personal insults (officious twit and tall foreheads) directly delete the credibility of anything he has to say rude people like him should be edited for insults.
D. M. Gregory

Seriously, I am no big fan of Justin Trudeau, but I agree with reader DM Gregory. There's no need to tell the PM to ‘Drop Dead Mr Prime Minister’ or refer to him as an ‘officious twit’. Yes, maybeTrudeau has screwed up the handling of Covid in Canada. And he’s in good company; just about every other country in the world has screwed this one up. Some have screwed up more than others. 

But as long as we don't see refrigerated trucks sitting in the parking lot at NRGH because the morgue is full & overwhelmed front line health care workers, then maybe we're making the best of a terrible pandemic.

So wishing the PM dead & calling him a twit? That's something I would expect from the stable genius who's vacating the White House in Jan.

J Steen
Nanaimo, BC