Nov. 23, 2020

World order is not a solution; it is the road to serfdom.

The internet is bubbling with rumours of a grand reset; an effort by elites promoting a new world order to replace our democratic, financial and social institutions. 

If we break with convention and consider the logic of the proposal, it makes sense. Political parties have hijacked democracy, replacing democratic institutions with a system of warlords competing for power over the masses. The difference is that political parties employ advertising, conning, luring, lying, and public relations in place of the force of arms.     

Political parties shun accountability. Having to answer to the great unwashed who voted them into office is demeaning and repulsive. Unelected officials direct elected officials and refuse to allow open and transparent governance for fear that honesty leads to bad press. 

Political parties do not act in the best interests of those governed. They are motivated to acquire the power to rule. Governance is a messy business fraught with errors, trials and tribulation, whereas ruling allows them to do as they wish and ignore complaints of the population ruled. 

Efforts to create a world order are not new. The European Union is a bureaucratic disaster that has effectively removed accountability from member nations. Local governments are relegated to dealing with inconsequential matters. All significant decisions are made in an unaccountable and inaccessible central bureaucracy in Brussels.

The EU is a bureaucrat’s Utopia; unlimited power without accountability. The EU Parliament is a collection of powerless figureheads dependent on the bureaucracy for decision making information. The bureaucracy decides what information the parliamentarians get to consider. Cozy setup.

The concept that world leaders can influence or control climate is preposterous. Meetings of the G-20, comprised of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States have just ended. 

There are 174 nations, including China and Russia, who are not in the G-20 and may oppose G-20 policies. The G-20 includes 19 of the wealthiest nations on the earth. Those not in the club want to share in the wealth. That makes collective action on climate change is an unattainable dream.

Nevertheless, a long-term fear-mongering campaign has thousands of Canadians participating in protests demanding we do our share to save the planet from an imaginary disaster. The power of emotional appeals is incredible. 

Governments are engaging in the same concentrated fear-mongering campaign respecting COVID. According to media reports, COVID is the most critical item on the G-20 agenda held over the weekend. Governments have made a spectacular mess of dealing with the pandemic and use fear to divert us from demanding answers from our politicians. 

The reset is their escape clause. Rather than reinstating a democratic system that has proven itself for centuries, politicians claim it is not working, and we need a new model. It is the political class, not democracy, that has gone off the rails. 

Democracy requires adherence to our constitution and accountability, ethics, honesty, prudence and responsibility that our politicians have increasingly shunned as too restrictive. Elected office is restrictive. It is a serious undertaking on behalf of the people a politician represents. 

He is duty-bound to exercise powers in the best interests of the people represented. Every member of a legislature or parliament swears a solemn oath to carry out his duties to the nation and her people. Over the years, political parties have made representative oaths to the party superior to the formal oath of office. That is why democracy is sledding downhill with increasing velocity. 

The great reset is intended to avoid public demands for political accountability. Canadians are at the point where residents of the thirteen southern British colonies were in 1775 – ruled by people who did not represent them. They had no voice in their affairs.

Our parliament in Ottawa is as accessible to us as the moon. Our members of parliament are not accountable to us. Whatever political party gains power and governance acts without ensuring that our interests are protected. A world order is not a solution; it is the road to eternal serfdom.

We must ensure that we  are masters of our nation and ensure we will never again be a colony of a foreign political power.