Dec. 12, 2020

Coronavirus response is a massive over-reach

Huffington Post reports Ontario residents who choose not to get the Coronavirus vaccine could face certain restrictions. The province’s health minister said that the government will provide proof of immunization to those who get the shot. 

Christine Elliott said the province will not make the vaccine mandatory, but some activities  could eventually be restricted for those who opt not to get immunized. The province will provide residents who have received the vaccination with a document to prove it, she said.


Elliott is under the delusion that Health Department emergency powers related to novel coronavirus containment will extend indefinitely.

Only about 1.4% of Canada’s 32 million adults have caught the virus, and of those, only about 3% have died. The mortality rate for adult Canadians is 0.04% or 41 out of every 100,000. That is hardly an excuse for extending a “health emergency” month after month.

Elliott smugly reported 1,983 new infections for Ontario for December 10, but that was the increase in total case numbers, which included 35 deaths and 1,804 recoveries. The actual increase in infections for the day was 144 or 7.3% of the number reported.

The vaccines will loosen the grip Elliott and her counterparts across Canada have wielded and restore our rights and freedoms. The light at the end of the tunnel is not just freedom from the risk of infection but also the release from government tyranny.

There is no precedent for combatting an infectious disease by shuttering businesses and services or quarantining an entire population. We have never been given the justification for these draconian measures. There is no evidence that these measures have limited coronavirus spread anywhere in the world. Why are we insisting on employing stricter versions of a failed strategy nine months later?

Most of the recent COVID deaths involve residents of long term care facilities. There is no excuse for governments not preventing a recurrence of the spring death toll in personal care facilities.

Imposing severe restrictions on millions who have followed regulations distracts us from government failures to limit virus spread and protect our elderly. It is not our fault that the epidemic policies adopted by governments have failed.