Dec. 16, 2020

Canada to give $485 million to help developing countries for pandemic

Canada is providing $485 million to help developing countries cope with COVID-19, including therapies to limit deaths and ease the burden on strained health-care systems. FULL DETAILS.
The total lack of governing focus is jaw-dropping. Trudeau was not elected to oversee international affairs or to support the United Nations. Our Prime Minister has a duty to act in the best interests of Canada and her people.

COVID-19 misinformation is dominating the news cycles day after day. It draws our attention away from other decisions our government is making without the sanction of parliament.

Providing $230 million to UNICEF is ridiculous while we are failing to meet the promises made to complete reconciliation with indigenous people. UNICEF does not enjoy a reputation for acting ethically and honestly. The UN failed its mandate to prevent war. Weeping crocodile tears over the refugees resulting from its failure to keep the peace is disgusting.

Providing another $255 million to some obscure coalition of organizations and nations to provide foreign nations with COVID vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics when we lack adequate supplies to meet domestic needs and do not have the supply chain in place to ensure we will have adequate supplies in future is ridiculous.

We have tens of thousands of business owners who have lost thousands of dollars in earnings and investments who need to be compensated before we engage in foreign aid. We have thousands who have been and are out of work as a result of business and service closures. Our economy and productivity are shattered and need to be rebuilt without delay. That must be our priority.

We need to restore Canada to pre-COVID productivity and employment levels so we can remain in and support the five eyes, Commonwealth, NORAD, NATO, USMCA and other organizations that matter. We cannot maintain our reputation for generosity to refugees and immigrants unless we keep Canada strong and independent.

Following the advice and direction of the chaotic disaster the UN has become or the World Economic Forum is not in our interests. Governments grow in size and scope at a cost to democracy, freedoms and rights.

We must not allow the UN and WEF to disrespect our 800 year battle to gain and maintain individual freedoms and rights. The dictators and tyrants who rule over two thirds of the world population must not gain control over us.

Beware of the term ‘consensus’. This term for ‘general agreement’ usually means the view of organized and vocal minorities who attack and shout down anyone who disagrees with them. Consensus does not require a majority and is thus incompatible with democracy. Consensus ultimately means autocratic rule by the squeaky wheels in society.