Aug. 29, 2019

Council moved too quickly on handicapped parking limit

Nanaimo City Council made a rash decision without giving proper consideration when they voted to apply a two-hour time limit to free handicapped parking.

There's no argument with clamping down on people who abuse the privilege by parking for extended periods – sometimes up to a month. That's not what this bylaw was intended for.

What is in contention is the minimal time limit of two hours. To use a simple example, attending events at the Port Theatre, from parking to attending the event and then returning to the vehicle is really pushing it in two hours. Highly unlikely.

One councillor I contacted suggested it would simply mean buying add-on time, but failing to explain how you can buy add-on time in advance.

Coun. Don Bonner went public on Thursday, recognizing the error adding that Council made a mistake. That may have come from the reaction withing the community. He admitted not giving sufficient consideration and what the potential consequences would be to those affected.

He's looking to bring the matter back to the table for reconsideration. That is the right move.