Sep. 28, 2019

Young people can start taking action on climate

There’s a lot of clamour calling for climate action, but with very little substance. School children have been playing hooky, with the blessing of the education system, and supposedly their parents.

Such laudable gestures are great until you examine what action they are advocating for. Do they have a clue or are they just following the crowd because it’s the popular group thing to do or because they have been indoctrinated?

In calling for action, do their marches and gang protests really mean anything without action of their own? When advocating change, do they understand the implications of any of those changes? Drastic actions like ending fossil fuels mean things like no more cell phones, Ipads, computers, no TV, no Xbox, no rides, just walking to school, no air conditioning or heating in the classrooms. And God forbid, no makeup. The list is limitless, few understand that even the clothing they wear depends of fossil fuels for their manufacture.

Conversion to wind and electric power is no magic potion – they both consume considerable carbon-dioxide in their manufacture and in operation and have proven extremely unreliable.

Do they know what action they want, or are they just parroting what they hear? Are they prepared to take “action” or chant for someone else to do “something”?

They can start right at the bottom, so here’s a challenge: start small, do the little things that matter. Organize a school/community trash pickup project on our river banks, streams and vacant property, no step is too small. Yes, plastic litter, broken bottles and other trash contribute to the problem in our environment. The place we are, where we live, is our environment. It’s a great place to start.

It would prove how dedicated they are to climate “action” and saving the world. Otherwise it’s just hot air.