Feb. 13, 2020

Indigenous pipeline campaign has been hijacked

Did I hear that right? Premier John Horgan on television news trying to distance himself and his government from the ongoing illegal pipeline protest confrontations across the county?

Basically, his message was "it isn't me". The Supreme Court issued the injunctions against the criminal protest groups, nothing to do with him. And that the RCMP carried out the court order, nothing to do with him. His message was that his government does not tell the courts what to do and certainly does not command the RCMP. 

Horgan added a postscript suggesting people know his stance on the pipelines – he was against them – but is only following the court rulings. That rings hollow because we might not have the current situation if he and Christy Clark had not contantly dragged out the issue. Who knows, most of the pipelines might have been built by now.

Now that the negative economic impact of the protests is becoming very evident Horgan says he will try to get a meeting with the federal government to negotiate with the First Nations. 

Too little too late. You would be naive to believe that the nationwide protests are about and for the hereditary indiginous people. It's no longer about the hereditary chiefs. Look at any media coverage and you will be hard pressed to find any First Nations in photos or video clips. The protest has been hijacked by the anti-fossil-fuel campaign which is well funded by American environmental groups. They saw which way the parade was headed, joined in and muscled their way to the front.

The anarchists are winning the battle – rail lines are shut down, governments, buildings and vital roads are being shut down, crippling our economic generators. Ports like Prince Rupert and Vancouver are already preparing to gear down.

This is not civil protests, it's anarchy, plain and simple. Protesting and demonstating are a right which is too often abused. It’s when court orders are defied that those actions become criminal and should be dealt with quickly and firmly.

Here’s a golden opportunity for the courts to grow some real backbone instead of simply patting lawbreakers on the head and setting them free after they are arrested. It’s time to hand out stiffer justice. With our lax courts, it's become a badge of honour to be arrested on a protest line.


On a similar note, proof of our loss of freedom is the fact that former Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore has been banned from a Regina climate conference where he had been contract to speak. He’s a fan of carbon-dioxide, it’s what keeps the world green. 

The so-called climate emergency declared by many municipalities is at best a bad joke. It might even be amusing were it not threatening to ban the primary energy sources — natural gas, oil and coal — that provide 85 per cent of global energy and make our civilization possible, says Moore. READ HERE.


Isn't it ironic that many of the virtue-signaling climate zealots pack up and head south to the warmer climes for the winter?