Feb. 22, 2020

Politics American style – We don't make this stuff up

There’s virtually no topic off base when it comes to how we select those who will govern us. The current American election process is quite something to behold.

First there is the loud-mouth incumbent president who appears to be on the glide path to another term. It’s just a question whom he will face off against. It’s questionable whether the boorish behaviour is what’s propelling him to another term or whether it’s the successes, especially the economy which has translated into millions of new jobs, especially for minorities.

His approval rating is the highest recorded for any president at the same time in his mandate, at more than 50 per cent and rising.

That’s not the interesting part. You have to wonder how some of the other candidates even made it to the starting line of the race, let alone hoping to be the winner at the finish line. Today’s journalism is all about fact checking, and these folks at not meeting the smell test, they come up reeking.

They appear delusional, but worse still, they appear to actually believe them – recalled false memory syndrome. We often say you can't make this up. Rather than making history they make up history.

Joe Biden is the poster child for recalled false memory. First he bragged on television about having extorted the Ukrainian government with a $1 billion aid package unless his demands were met. He’s been trying to tag onto the coattails of Barack Obama by consistantly referring to “Barack and me” on Obama's achievements. It is notable that so far Obama has not endorsed Biden.

Joe’s latest attempt at name dropping was his claim that he was arrested and spent time in jail when he went to South Africa to support Nelson Mandella. Problem is, there’s no such event on record ever having happened. Others on the same trip say it never happened.

Joe’s not alone. Billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who got crushed in the primary debate on television, claimed on Friday that as mayor he guided New York through the 9/11 terrorist attacks. There’s a small matter of detail here – he was not mayor of New York at the time, Rudy Guiliani was the mayor.

Then there's Elizabeth Warren who benefitted over the years from her claimed minority status which resulted in a number of choice appointments in academia. She claimed American Indian heritage, and even convinced herself because she took a DNA test and then revealed the result on live TV. Oops, embarrassing to learn she was in no way a minority, at least not of the culture she claimed.

Now the very latest, the clear frontrunner, socialist Bernie Sanders unless he gets undermined again like he did last time by his own party. He has been formally informed by U.S intelligence officials that Russians are secretly working in support of his campaign to become president. Well, he did honeymoon in Russia after his latest wedding.

Over the years it has become apparent that we in Canada seem to copy some American tactics in elections, especially the mudslinging and personal attacks of candidates. We can only hope we don’t subscribe this the latest chapter in American political history. 

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